5 Things I Learnt As A Rookie Investor

1. Work on your mindset – nothing holds truer than having the right mindset. There have been countless times where going into a problem with the wrong mindset lead to some hard lesson for me. So learn as much as you can through books, workshops and networking, and surrounding yourself with the right people. The learning will never stop.

2. Network Often – There’s that saying, your network is your net worth, but it’s also a lot of fun and you get to meet interesting people.

3. Know your numbers – I’m not too fond of maths and accounting but you have to understand how the numbers work. Practice as much as you can and after some time you will find it a lot easier to deal with. The numbers are the true deciding factor in any deal, learning to let go of emotion and rely on the numbers comes with experience.

4. Mistakes are not a bad thing – This holds true with having the right mindset. Starting off in a new field will have a lot of failures. That being said my failures have given me the opportunity to learn faster, raise my level of awareness and strengthen my confidence.

5. Find a Coach or Mentor – Having someone experienced to direct you on your journey is priceless.

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